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I'm Vinicius Okamoto
I'm a Software Developer

AIDD portfolio image
AIDD portfolio image

Helping you to achieve your goals

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Web and Mobile DeveloperI can turn your ideas and designs into reality through the development of web and mobile applications.
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UI/UX DesignerI'm here to listen you and give colors, interfaces and experiences for your ideas and solutions.
Testing and Building icon
Testing and BuildingI ensure the quality of your application through the best test approaches. I make sure that your software will work as expected
Creation and ideas icon
Creation and ideasGetting something off the drawing board is one of my business. I place goals to help your business take the first steps
Strategies and Management icon
Strategies and ManagementI make sure to devise a strategy that fits your business and helps your team reach your goals.
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Continuous SupportI’m here to support you in all you need! Whether you need to create a new feature or make further improvements.

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I'm Vinicius OkamotoI help business and people to achieve their goals through technology.
Also, I help to simplify solutions and ideas in code.